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How do I refuse an order?Updated 5 months ago

At iHeartRaves we completely understand how plans for festivals and events can be ever-changing. If an order ships and you find yourself no longer needing it, you are more than welcome to refuse a package to have it sent back to our facility for a refund or store credit.

Please follow the steps below to refuse a package.

  1. Receive the package, and do not open it.
  2. With a permanent marker/pen, write "REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER" near (not on) the label.
  3. Go to an in-store USPS or FedEx facility (depending on the mail carrier), and drop off the package with an associate.
  4. Obtain a Drop-Off receipt from this associate as proof of your return.
  5. Take a picture of the drop-off receipt.
  6. Email us the photo at [email protected] with the subject titled " Order # - Refused Package"
  7. Include information in the body of the email indicating the refused package for a refund or store credit.
  8. Receive your Refund or Store Credit notification email within 1 business day :) 

*Shipping fees are non-refundable*

**Orders refused for a refund have a $5 restocking fee deducted from the refund amount available. This does not apply to orders refused for store credit**

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