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My tracking information says my order has been marked delivered, but I have not received it. What should I do?Updated 5 months ago

Depending on the mail carrier and their operations it's possible for tracking information to display a 'Delivered' status 1-2 days before actual delivery. When something like this occurs, we recommend taking a few precautionary steps to confirm the status of your package.

  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery
  • Look around the delivery location for your package
  • See if someone else accepted the delivery (friend, family member, roommate, neighbor, office manager, etc.)
  • Contact your local post office to see if they still have your package
  • Wait 1-2 days to see if your package gets delivered later by the mail carrier.

After you've taken the precautions listed above and are still unable to locate your package, please click the Chat button on the lower-right corner of the screen and provide us with your order number so that we may resolve the situation :)

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